Matt RussellMatt Russell
Assistant Professor/Extension Specialist

PhD, University of Maine (2012)

Forest ecosystem health; modeling forest ecosystems



Baijing (Betty) Cao (Researcher 6) PhD, University of Florida (2015)

Lucia Fitts Vargas (PhD student) BS, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (2015)

Trevor Host (Researcher 5) MS, University of Minnesota (2018)

Jamie Mosel (PhD student) MS, Oregon State Univerity (2017; co-advise with R. Montgomery)

Jason Reinhardt (Researcher 6) PhD, University of Minnesota (2015)


Past Graduate Students

Brian Anderson (2015-2017; co-advised with M. Windmuller-Campione)

Macklin Glasby, MS (2014-2016)

Stephanie Patton, MS (2015-2017)


Past Postdoctoral Researchers

Brian Clough (2014-2017)

Ram Deo (2014-2017)


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